This ministry is dedicated to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ digital evangelism, mass evangelism,
street ministry and church revival. We are also equipping followers of Jesus to do evangelism in their own
community.  We partner with churches so that new converts have a place to be discipled and loved.
We believe that  the ministry of salvation must be followed up with discipleship.


Mass Evangelism can happen several different ways. We use local fields, ball parks, and tents. The size of the event determines the planning time frame, but we look at a 3 months to a year of planning for large events.  This gives us the ability to lay the groundwork needed to have a successful event. We partner with local churches and coordinate different committees to take on specific responsibilities. We determine event location based on several factors. We look at where we are invited, where we have established relationships, and most importantly where God guides us to go.

We believe street evangelism is led by the Holy Spirit.  He leads us into conversations with people.  In those moments He gives discernment or a prophetic word for that individual pointing them back to Jesus. Our street worship style will look a lot like street musicians, where we pop up in different areas playing music for people to hear and to be ready to talk and pray with them.

Evan Herrman

Hi, I am Evan. I have been married to my wife since 2010 and have four Children. I remember the moment God called me into ministry. I was seven years old, and it took place at a church camp. It was supervising me when God told me I was to be in ministry. I wanted to be a cop or a firefighter at the time. You know, a modern-day good guy. But from that moment, I had an unshakable desire to share the love of Jesus, the words of Jesus, and the salvation message with others. I graduated from Oral Roberts University in 2010 with a degree in theology. Over the years, I have helped plant several new churches and gone on multiple mission trips. I am a bio vocational minster. I got my real estate license in 2013 and hold a broker's license. After many years of trying to shake off the call to ministry, I decided to step in more fully by creating the ministry evangelism NOW. Since it was founded, I have seen God, this ministry of partners, to lead an incredible number of people to the Lord.  

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